Store Policies / FAQ

OCN Distribution

OCN Distribution, sister company of Vinegar Syndrome, handles physical home video manufacturing and fulfillment for a number of exciting home video labels releasing cinema across a wide variety of genres, decades, countries of origin from SOV genre oddities, unearthed shot-on-film treasures and the latest, and greatest, contemporary indie and art-house films from around the world. 

What do you sell?
We carry a wide range of products at wholesale prices, available from all of our participating labels. Prices may vary based on customer, edition type, format, order volume, order quantity, etc. 

Wholesale Policies 

What is the minimum I can order?
We require a minimum purchase amount of $300 for most of our wholesale clients. This price varies for label affiliates, special customers, etc.

Is there a maximum amount of units to purchase?
Yes and no. Certain limited edition releases will have a maximum purchase amount ranging anywhere from 25-50 units. When a limited edition item is low in stock we reserve the right to hold back copies for inventory purposes. Standard edition (always in stock) items will have no limit. 

How often do I need to order?
We like to see our wholesale clients ordering from us semi-frequently. We don't expect an order to come in every week or even every month, but we would like to see orders placed throughout the calendar year. We will be monitoring customer activity.

How does the pricing work?
Our wholesale customers have a generic 50% off MSRP price point. Based on multiple factors, customers could have different pricing agreements. Limited edition releases have a separate price which we adjust accordingly based on the packaging (see below):

Limited edition slipcovers: additional $2
Limited edition slipcases: additional $2-$5
Limited edition/deluxe box sets: additional $2-$10 

Does everyone have access to limited edition releases?

Yes, however, some customers may be subject to a special, limited edition slipcover agreement.

Can I sell your product anywhere?
We do not allow reselling of our product on online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, AdultDVDMartketplace, etc.

*Reselling Limited Editions*

By purchasing limited edition units at wholesale prices, you are agreeing to sell at or under the noted MSRP. Limited edition products purchased via the OCN storefront at wholesale cost are not to be marked up to match, or compete with, resale pricing via EBay or any other similar platform. Anyone found to be purchasing limited edition products from OCN and selling them in this manner will be restricted to purchasing only standard edition products going forward. 


OCN Distribution accepts payments via PayPal, PayPal Express, or credit card. If you need to set up payment terms we also support that. We offer NET30, NET60, etc. for qualifying customers.


How do you ship?
Everything ships in well-packed, sturdy boxes. All orders ship out within one business day (for in-stock items). Allow extra processing time for orders placed over weekends, during holidays, sales events, etc. Packages are shipped via FedEx Ground, FedEx International Economy/Priority, and occasionally USPS.

Do you ship Internationally?
Absolutely! See the 'Shipping Rates' section below for additional information.

Can I track my shipments?
You will receive an email notification with tracking information once your shipping label has been created. Please allow up to 24 hours for tracking data to appear in the FedEx or USPS system.

When will my package arrive?
For Domestic orders, they can take anywhere from 1-3 business days to arrive. 
For International orders, they can take anywhere from 2-10 business days depending on your location. International customers usually have a better than average turn around time, but if something seems wrong feel free to contact us.

Shipping Rates: 

Domestic orders under $1000: $10.00 flat rate
Domestic orders over $1000: free shipping

International orders: $25.00 flat rate

*Shipping rates can vary based on certain criteria such as customer, location, holiday season, etc.

Returns / Refunds

Do you accept returns?
No, all sales are final.

Can I get refunded for an item I no longer need?
Yes, as long as you catch us before the order has been shipped.

Quality Policy for Limited Edition Releases 

Please know that there is no such thing as a flawless or perfect slipcover or box set. Due to the process of manufacturing paper products, every piece of paper packaging we sell will have minor imperfections. Expect to occasionally receive slipcovers and box sets that have slightly dinged corners, imperfect edges, small scuff marks, etc. These types of imperfections are inherent to the printing process and are to be expected. For the reasons above, please limit replacement requests to major damage that was obviously incurred during transit. Replacement requests for what we determine to be minor imperfections will not be honored. Please contact us with a photo(s) of the damage so we can evaluate. 

Modifying an Order

Can I add or swap out an item?
Sure, as long as you catch us before we ship it out (we’re fast shippers). Contact us ASAP to make any changes.

Can I change the shipping address?
Sure, please see above! 

New Additions / New Releases

When does new product get put up on the website?
New releases will be made available on (or around) the 1st of every month.

Will new releases be available for purchase immediately?
Yes. New additions to the website will be displayed on the main page and can be purchased as soon as they are listed. This does NOT mean they will be shipping immediately following a purchase (see below).

I just ordered new releases, when will they ship?
Orders containing new, monthly releases will wait to be shipped until all of the items from the order are available. Once everything is available, your order will ship and you will receive tracking information. Typically we start shipping new product around the 2nd-3rd week of the month.

Sold Out vs. Out of Print (OOP)

We do NOT display any out of print (OOP) products on OCN Distribution. Whatever is on the website is available. If a product is 'out of stock' or 'sold out' it means that we currently do not have any inventory left of that product, but are in the process of restocking it. If you notice a specific product has been 'out of stock' for longer than usual, feel free to contact us.